Inessa Creations sustainable, ethical and positively conscious values

We believe that our main responsibility is to create attractive items that our consumers value and can enjoy for a long time. As a result, the starting point of our sustainability vision is to go further with our upcycling, qualitative and ethical process at our scale – how the products look, their quality and how they are made, used, sent as well as protecting and saving our planet.

Sustainable and ethical collaboration

By developing a line of unique handmade pieces, Inessa and her team gives new life to clothes, but also embodies the values and dreams of their clients by transforming their words and ideas into colors and fabrics. This is the reason why, for the European Day of Waste Reduction, Inessa Créations Monaco collaborated with the Monegasque Red Cross to show how we can reuse and recycle in a glamorous and creative fashion without any waste, the clothes that the Red Cross gives to people in distress. Through this collaboration, the value of “Human Fashion” and eco-sustainable fashion made sense! Against waste, you can recycle, reuse and also give to people in difficulty! “You ar(t) the creator!”

Our products

Design high quality products made for long term usage with carefully considered materials and techniques, made in France to maintain the luxurious, ethical and local vision as well as craftsmanship which is one of the main value of our brand.

Our operations

Be a responsible employer that considers the ethical and environmental impact of our operational activities and try to make a change. #greenfashion #sustainableluxury #straightvision

Our suppliers

Cooperate with transparent, renowned locals and environmentally friendly sourcing partners to promote fair working conditions in our supply chain as well as using upcycling as one of our main actions specially for the unique creations and sustainable materials for our products. Our materials are sustainable

fashion plays a fundamental role in raising awareness of eco-sustainability and fully embodies the values supported by Monaco. Supporting craftsmanship.

Our events and commitments

We take part in many event and associations supporting ethical and sustainable values like SERD Monaco and we are part of the National Pact for the Energy Transition (PNTE) in Monaco.

We also obtained our certificate of participation “SERD MONACO, 0 WASTE WEEK” as a major ecological element in the Principality of Monaco.

Our packaging

We are sending our items in 100% compostable enveloppes.

They are 100% Compostable biodegradable: made from fully compostable and biodegradable materials: a combination of corn starch, PBAT, PLA (naturally biodegradable), product certified by European and international standards (EN13432, OK Compost). Our envelopes are not toxic to the environment and their lifespan is drastically shortened compared to a traditional plastic bag. #savetheplanet #sustainableglam