Order your Unique Creation

To own an INESSA piece is to own a unique work of art, allowing customers seeking to stand out, to invest in a personalized piece of art, which increases in value over time;

Timeless, daring and unique, your tailor-made piece is a brand line that is an integral part of the DNA of the Monegasque brand. A unique piece is carried out between 6 and 8 hours of work, which depends on the model and the motif selected and preconceived by the designer with the client, it is a painting that can be worn, like a tattoo that you assume as you wish, and which demonstrates your ambitions and your way of positioning yourself in society.

    Unique Creations

    Inessa brings her pictorial works and her creations to life through painting. The young artist takes on the facts of her generation with an eco-responsible approach.

    Through the plurality of her creations, she carries her vision and offers us a total immersion in her universe, imbued with our 21st century society.

    Each unique piece illustrates an innovative concept bringing together the versatility of the talents of its generation, while developing its own vision of the current world. Its concept transcribes the uniqueness of its customers through unique pieces, such as jackets
    in jeans, fully customized by hand and on request. His works as well, paintings as fashion sketches.

    Graphic bling, geometric figures borrowed from daylight or the mist of dawn, stripes, waves, meticulous dots come to life on the materials. She transposes her visionary ideas through a journey daring and his flamboyant paintings. The artist designer drives fringes into a panic, maximizes frills, unleashes corsets. The reliefs are accentuated with psychedelic bursts and the vibrant quilts fall into the nets of a dazzling attitude. This young brunette with long ebony hair and dazzling verve enters the arena of artistic creation with gusto, ready to sparkle under the light of the stage like her creations which display bodies freed from the dictates of society.

    A versatile artist, she takes the reins of the artistic creation of her art and transmits the universal values of her generation. She likes rhinestone, glitter, lamé looks like sparkling armor. Klimt, Botticelli, Krunic, Vivaldi, Breton, Mornar, Bottero. The greatest artists as well as the most promising inspire him to bring forth this luxuriance in a colorful and powerful style, symbol of a conquering, daring and shameless seduction.